Your contribution to attending SAYIT, consist of the tuition fee and the costs for accommodation including full board. Both are paid directly to the organizer.

Tuition – sliding scale

Tuition fee covers costs of workshop materials, booklets, trainers travel and work costs and covers at least four workshops or sessions offered by the trainers per day.

CONTRIBUTOR PRICE is an invitation for everyone wishing to give more than the standard rate, as long as it is financially possible and enjoyable. By choosing this rate, you will support the financial balance of the training and the purpose inviting more people into NVC. Instead of setting a specific rate for professionals (which may not reflect the financial reality for all), we also suggest the contributor rate for facilitators, therapists, coaches… and anyone whose professional lives may be enriched by this and investment in the retreat.


REDUCED PRICE; We are deeply yearning to live in a world that fully values and includes difference and diversity. We do believe that everyone of us can contribute to making life meaningful and fulfilling. We are also convinced that being with people from different socioeconomic backgrounds in the same group contributes to the richness of our relational experience. That is why we are committed to making NVC accessible to anyone regardless of their financial resources by offering a reduced rate in a sliding scale. It is essential, however, that this rate is not seen as a convenient rate. Based on trust, it is meant to support those who would not be able to access the retreat otherwise.

By offering a sliding scale, we wish to promote accessibility and inclusivity, which is especially important for events like this. We wish to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their financial situation. Sliding scales also encourage participants to make an equitable and thoughtful contribution based on their income, which can increase their sense of agency and investment in the retreat.


In case you would really like to attend this SAYIT event, and the price may be an obstacle you can not overcome on your own, please contact us to see if we can find solution that may work for all of us.

Accommodation – Hotel Pokljuka Slovenia 

All rooms and furniture in 4* hotel building are built with lot of care and special design to provide you best living experiences. We can also support people with special needs and disabilities.

  • 4 * single use room
  • Private Bathroom
  • Comfortable french or king-size bed
  • Full board & coffee brakes included
  • Price for 7 nights Full Board
  • 4 * double bedroom
  • Private Bathroom
  • Comfortable joint or separated beds (on request)
  • Full board & coffee brakes included
  • Price for 7 nights Full Board / per person
  • 4 * triple bedroom
  • Private Bathroom
  • Comfortable joint or separated beds (on request)
  • Full board & coffee brakes included
  • Price for 7 nights Full Board / per person
  • This option does not include room
  • Usage of seminar rooms and full workshop access
  • Lunch, dinner & coffee breaks are included
  • Price for 7 days

Food & drink – Full Board Meal Service

Limited number of places
Please keep in mind we have a limited numbers of places available, we can host up to 65 participants, so we encourage you to register as soon you are decided to join us, to ensure your place at this event. When all the places taken, we can enter you in the waiting list any you will be notified in case of cancellations.
Prices are per person and include 7-day accommodation of selected type and a full board with carefully designed vegan or vegetarian menus with 3 meals per day.

The tourist tax is not included in the price. You will be invited to pay TT at the reception. The price for TT in 2023 is 2,00 EUR / person and may be subject to change. 

Daily Seasonal Meals

During the retreat you will be served three special designed vegan or vegetarian meals per day, made mainly from fresh seasonal local resources and provided by local producers. Food ingredients will be carefully chosen to further support the learning and transitioning process in this 7-day common journey. Menus offer variety and are simply and wisely selected. We will provide tea, coffee and simple snacks during our breaks. If you have any special diet please let us know, we will do our best to fulfill your special food requirements.

Coffee, Tea, Water, & Snacks

will be available at self-service coffee breaks twice a day.

Special Diet, Meat & Allergies

If you may have a special diet or an allergy please let us know in advance so we can check the ability to provide proper meals for you. Meat or any animal based products of any kind will not be served from our side, yet you can provide your self with it.

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