Intensives offered by Core trainers

We are hoping whole track to be Theme based, carefully designed to have a flow and expected outcomes for participants. Participant will select one of the three Intensive Trainings, offered by core trainers. Once selected participants will be requested to stay in the same one for the whole time, to ensure the flow of learning and personal development.

Increase your impact in 1:1 conversations Pernille 

Do you love NVC and are you wondering how you can bring it into your daily, even into your professional life?

I used to be a professional consultant for organic farmers. I realized they didn’t follow my advice, no matter how brilliant it was. I learned that having an agenda for other people just doesn’t get them there. And I studied coaching and learned tending to their agenda while accompanying them closely. This way, I’ve seen my clients come alive to their own passion and walking out, creating true transformation in their lives, relationships and communities.

In this intensive, you’ll have the opportunity to learn NVC-based coaching skills. This may sound like back-to-school again – on the contrary. This intensive will bring you to your passion and into tender connection with others. While learning a heart-led approach, you will also get to meet yourself anew and find new opportunities when focusing on your well-known issues. So, there is a parallel of learning skills and being exposed to these skills simultaneously.

During the seven days, you will learn a variety of skills aimed at supporting another person through conversation. This is neither teaching nor empathy/honesty exchange – it is coaching.

Coaching is based on the assumption that the other person is resourceful, and the coach’s job is to invite them to reflect and self-connect. During these days, you’ll learn to further this self-connection while staying humble to the mystery of the other person. Here is no expressing yourself the right nor the wrong way, here is a focus on connection, accompaniment, modeling self-acceptance, and driving the conversation with open curiosity.

Expect to learn listening through three different channels, principles for empowerment, eliciting what the client wants, their deeper needs, and their emergent self, asking questions that cultivate reflection and self-connection, orchestrating strategies, and translating our well-known NVC processes into a coaching context.

As a Nonviolent Communication Coach, there will be no people whom you’d conclude that ‘this doesn’t work for them’. You will cultivate your natural curiosity, learn a bunch of basic handles, and your heart and skills will get to define tomorrow.

Pernille Plantener


About Pernille

I love my life. When I walk my dog ​​in the morning and see dewdrops on the grass reflecting the whole world, and when the grandchildren laugh at me, I am happy. But it was not always so. I have left the prison of hopelessness and despair that my loneliness, a resulting eating disorder, and then an abusive marriage built.

Many helpers provided the stepping stones to my life today. Thanks to 12-step programs, Nonviolent Communication, psychotherapists, coaches, and not least Sarah Peyton and her ground-breaking Resonant Healing, today I am a person who can feel, breathe, dance, and make healthy decisions. And I support others on the same path.

I got CNVC certified in 2011, certified coach in 2012, and Resonant Healing Practitioner in 2020. I’ve been a self-employed coach and trainer since 2013.

Becoming What You Need: Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication  David

 Living life fully and building practices that produce lasting change begins with knowing deeply what you care about. To live more fully in relationship, we must live more fully in our bodies. Coming home to our bodies puts us in touch with our emotions, and our emotions—when consciously listened to—tell us what we care about, what we need, and the present, direct, immediate experience of the life we are living and this is where we begin to build  a foundation for embodying Nonviolent Communication. This is where we come face to face with the history we’ve embodied, our deeper selves, our greatest gifts, and the motivation to stay the course of developing new, more skillful, inclusive responses to life’s challenges.  

The practices I will be sharing  train across physical, emotional, linguistic, intellectual and intuitive domains and deliver simple yet deep techniques for transforming old reactions into new resources for connection and healing. What we carry emotionally, historically and physically effects what we do, perceive, and all that we communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. When our verbal and non verbal communication are aligned, the power of the intention creates an energy that attracts people, opportunities and resources that make things happen. Together, let’s explore NVC as a whole-body/mind communication, lifelong art, and way of living for walking our talk with power and compassion. My sessions introduce some simple, yet expansive  practices for developing a deeply felt understanding of Nonviolent Communication processes and the consciousness underlying NVC practice. Somatic practices for embodying Nonviolent Communication are surprisingly direct, sometimes startling, always informative, and connect us in ways that are tender and fun.

Whether you’re just beginning to learn NVC or are an advanced trainer, you’ll find valuable knowledge in this course that is easily accessible and shareable.   I look forward to our time together, sharing practices and learning together.

Sessions will include experiential learning, demonstrations with participants, work in pairs, small groups, and the whole group, some simple movements that are adaptable to all bodies, conversations, time for sharing and questions & answers, some good fun, all in beautiful surroundings and more.     


We will explore daily practices to: 

  • Decisively take actions that align with your values; 
  • Build supportive relationships more capably and enjoyably. 
  • Connect to deep needs as an inner guidance system 
  • Invigorating our Empathic Listening Field
  • Transforming Core Strategies: From Reaction to Resource
  • Embodied Activism: Bringing it into the World

David Weinstock


David Weinstock is an international trainer of Nonviolent Communication, a Somatic Coach, and author of “Becoming What You Need”: Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication”.  He has brought his leadership, community, and team-building trainings to a wide audience in schools, prisons, organizations, and businesses around the world. He is a respected master goldsmith ( He is an Aikido instructor and co-founder of Peace Dojos International, an organization that works for peace and justice by means of community service and training for self-mastery distilled from the martial arts. 

All of David’s work–in particular his present organization, Liminal Somatics(–is committed to developing our capacity to value what each of us brings to the circle, to reclaim community and appreciate the necessity of honoring diversity for the sake of creating a nurturing world for generations to come. 

​​David and his wife Judith co-founded an intentional community with eight other families in 1990. We came together committed to developing our capacity to value what each of us brings to the circle, to reclaim community, and value diversity for the sake of creating a nurturing world for generations to come. To this day the community has practiced consensus decision-making and embraced NVC foundations.  We are now a four-generation community with adult children that were born and raised here. I look forward to learning and playing together!    

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