SAYIT - Slovenia 2023

Deepen the connection with yourself and others through the power of NVC.

A pearl of nature

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of Kranjska Gora.

Make a change. Have fun.

Live with honesty and empathy while having fun and making lifetime connections. 

SAYIT 2023

Slovenian Yearly Intensive Training in NVC

11. – 18. November 2023, Kranjska Gora 

About SAYIT 2023

The core mission of the SAYIT retreat is to provide participants, and trainers with access to knowledge, exploration, experience, learning and personal growth in a balanced and holistic way. It is grounded in NVC – Nonviolent Communication principles. Participants may gain competencies in NVC and related supportive practices, approaches and theories by experiential learning, from a variety of experienced trainers, peer to peer support, sharing and much more. The daily flow is intensive, also supporting personal change and grow. This magical location in the heart of nature, at the feet of the Alps and close to the highest mountain in Slovenia additionally contributes to well being and refreshing energy support.   

Daily flow

Daily schedule supports us to maintain the stucture and flow during the whole seven days. Content may be changed to support flow, learning, and grow of participants. Participants are invited to be present at daily announcements and information boards providing the latest information.

Intensives tranings

Morning intensive trainings  are offered by the core trainers and maintain the same theme throughout the entire retreat, allowing for a deeper exploration and profound immerison in the topic. You will be requested to stay in the chosen intensive traning for the whole time.


Afternoon workshops are led by core and participating trainers. You will be able to choose between the offered workshops each day, based on you interes and preferences. Topics are known in advance to create more clarity and help you with decision.

Core Trainers – Intensives and workshops

To prevent the scattered nature of a multi-day event, our mornings start with intensives trainings. They ware be theme-based and carefully designed to keep a flow and ensure the expected outcomes for participants. Participants can choose from three intensives led by core trainers, and are be expected to remain in the same one for the entire duration of the event to ensure a consistent learning and personal development experience.

Pernille Plantener


Gabrielle Grunt


David Weinstock


Trainers – Workshops

The afternoon workshops are led by both core and participating trainers. Participants can choose which workshop to attend each day based on their interests and preferences. The topics for the workshops are predetermined and communicated in advance to provide clarity and help with decision-making.

Judith Weinstock


Peter Ulrik Jensen


Anita Gomezel


Dmitriy Kopina


Marša Jović


Ellen Chinnock


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